Beyond Success: Live Your Purpose is a 7-week intimate coaching experience designed specifically for professionals, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and purpose-driven leaders who seek an intersection of personal development, emotional intelligence, and faith to achieve lasting results and experience fulfillment.


Week One: Enjoy The Journey

At the start of a new project or endeavor, we are often enthusiastic and full of excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead. However, when difficulties arise, we may forget why we started and be tempted to turn back. In this module, you will learn how to develop a “finisher’s mindset,” and see each challenge as an opportunity to strengthen the skill sets needed to transition from one level to the next. Every season has a purpose, and it is up to us to find the beauty in the process.

Week Two: Move Your Mountains

Along our journey, we may find ourselves at an impasse, blocked by mountains of fear, regret, self-sabotage and unforgiveness that leave us feeling overwhelmed and operating on autopilot. Until we can move the mountains or begin to climb them, we will be functional but unfulfilled. In this module, you will discover the behavioral patterns that are currently impeding your progress, identify their root cause, and develop a plan for healing so that you can clear the path and move forward with peace.

Week Three: You Are Not What Happened To You

When the trauma and negative experiences that we have endured shift from being events to becoming our identity, we begin to lose sight of our gifts, potential, and power. In this module, you will learn the tools and strategies to separate what happened to you from who you are. By adopting this new perspective, not only will you see that your story matters. But you will also begin to heal from the limiting beliefs that have hindered your progress in the past. Adversity has its advantages: when you view every hardship, obstacle, and test as an opportunity to build your resilience, you will be empowered to embrace who you are, step fully into your purpose, and thrive like never before.

Week Four: Cultivate Your Vision

Every high-level achiever understands the power of having a clear vision that inspires them to take the next step, particularly on the days when their energy is waning.  However, when we are bombarded with images of other people’s visions of success on a daily basis through movies, television, and social media, we may be tempted to follow the crowd and begin to veer off course from our core values. In this module, you will explore your personal definitions of success in order to craft a clear vision that is tailored to your unique journey.

Week Five: Purpose Driven Relationships

In a purpose-driven relationship, we are guided by a power greater than ourselves and no longer view conflict as something to run from, but rather something to embrace, as conflict provides us with chances to strengthen our listening skills and to model empathy, integrity, and leadership. When we are intentional about sharpening our character assets, we will attract a village of encouraging, supportive, like-minded people who are committed to investing in themselves in order to invest in the success of the people around them.

Week Six: Contagious Courage

As leaders, we are the people to whom others turn for the answers. So, what do you do when you find yourself in a new situation or you are confronted with a problem that you have never seen before? In this module, you will learn how to further develop your confidence and effectively communicate in a way that creates an emotionally safe environment and empowers people to use their voice and stretch beyond their comfort zones.

Week Seven: Live Your Purpose

Now that you have developed a “finisher’s mindset,” moved the mountains that kept you stuck in place, separated your trauma from your identity, clarified your vision, deepened your relationships, and cultivated your courage, it is time to live your purpose. By reviewing your mission on a daily basis and engaging in work that aligns with your passions, you will build a legacy that inspires future generations to follow in your footsteps and pursue their own definitions of success.

What's Included

  • Welcome Call
  • 7 Virtual Small Group Meetups (interactive with Q&A)
  • Access to Private Membership Community
  • One 1:1 Private Coaching Session
  • Customized Resource Referral Plan
  • Exclusive Assessment Access
  • Beyond Success: Live Your Purpose Online Course
  • Some Surprises! 😉

Let’s chat if you’re ready to live your purpose and make a greater impact.


I attended Jessica's Beyond Success Course & Coaching experience in 2020.  It was the perfect time.  As a leader in my industry, it was time for me to look at what was next.  I needed to really dig deep and examine my own accomplishments.  Where have I come from? What did I accomplish? And, most importantly, where was I going?  Jessica's course was exactly what I needed.  Her experience, her sincerity, her ability to “keep it real" was the perfect avenue for me to find my core value system and live as a courageous leader once again.  Thanks Jessica, for helping me understand that there are still so much left to do and that I can accomplish anything I set my sights on!

Bob Lanter
Executive Director in the Non-Profit Sector

“The year was coming to an end and I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and at a complete loss. One unhealthy decision after the other left me feeling inadequate, emotionally drained and spiritually empty.  Coaching with Jessica has been a life altering experience for me. Jessica created a judgement free safe space where I was able to speak candidly about my hurt and trauma. She was gentle as she asked questions, patiently and attentively she walked me through the process of connecting the dots between my then and now. Through prayer, dialogue, reflective assignments and accountability calls one session at a time she helped me peel back the layers of pain exposing all the beauty and potential God has placed within me.  Jessica is an amazing woman who pours her heart and soul into your process of evolving. While I am still a work in progress, I’ve come a long way and am committed to pushing myself beyond the stratosphere while looking up and beyond baby!”

Evangeline Snell
Social Worker, MSW & Youth Advocate

What a learning experience! Jessica's capacity to lead is a God given gift. Her passion to transform the lives of people for the better is evident in her teaching and engagement with people. I not only learned but was challenged and encouraged to utilize the tools immediately. The course helped decrease a lot of fears inside me. I got a big piece of myself back in terms of writing the vision and making it a reality. Today I choose to consistently look up and BEYOND!!!

Juelle Washington

Jessica is a mindful, caring, and compassionate professional who goes above and beyond to meet individuals where they are. It is evident she is passionate about what she does. She faithfully implements strategies that are unique to everyone she is helping. Most importantly, she consistently practices what she teaches. She is a walking example of emotional health and wholeness and that is why she is worth every penny!

Victor Franco
Psychotherapist & Entreprenuer

Equipped To Thrive…

No Matter The Adversity

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