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Focus: Women Empowerment Events/Women's Conferences/Women's Support Groups
Available in Keynote (60 minutes) or up to half-day (4 hour) trainings/workshops. 30 min. Q&A Session available


Jessica chatting with members of the audience after the conclusion of the workshop

Jessica with a conference attendee

Life can be hard. So many things can block us from leading fulfilling, purpose-driven lives:

  • Disappointments
  • Failures
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Resentment over unfair circumstances
  • Denial
  • Fear

Jessica's coined phrase, “look up and beyond", has now become a global movement. In this moving, hope-filled presentation, Jessica shares how she overcame adversity in her own life through strategies that developed greater resilience and grit and painted a positive, never-before-seen vision for her life. Attendees will learn these same techniques, getting clarity around the daily actions they need to take their best lives, no matter the adversity they've faced in the past or are facing today.

If you are looking for a speaker who can get to the core of people's hearts to bring healing and inspire life-changing action, then Jessica is the perfect fit for your organization or event.


Women do so much … we give so much … and yet, so many of us still feel unfulfilled. The pressure to be the perfect woman has never been greater. With constant media images and voices telling us who we should be, we can lose ourselves in the quest to look like, sound like, and be like someone else. On the outside we look good, but inside, we’re struggling to make it through the day. Sometimes, it’s the result of pain that is bubbling over from our past. Other times it’s because we have landed in a ditch of negativity and are stuck spinning our wheels – we’re going through the motions of our day, yet we’re never really moving forward.

In this engaging and thought-provoking presentation, attendees will learn the specific tactics for digging themselves out of the pits in their lives (i.e. unhealthy relationships, negative mindsets, pain and trauma) to regain traction on their road of purpose. Jessica shares the strategies that she’s used to shift from a survival mindset to an abundance mindset, and she is living proof that no matter what you’ve been through, you can thriveonce again.

More than your typical “pump up" motivational speech, “Time to Thrive" is a presentation designed to invite, celebrate and cultivate connection: connection with ourselves, with others and with God’s purpose for our lives.


The emotion of shame is debilitating and causes us to live in darkness, keeping us from becoming all that God wants us to be. In this compelling and intimate message, Jessica shares her personal stories of suffering in shame along with a unique approach for making peace with the experiences that provoked this emotion. Attendees leave knowing that they are not what happened to them and that they can create a new identity on the other side of their trauma and pain.

Jessica speaking with a participant

Jessica's authenticity, compassion and empathy joins forces to create a one-of-a-kind connection with her audience that fosters true transformation.


  • National Women's Conferences
  • Women's Empowerment Events
  • Personal Development Conferences
  • Faith-Based & Ministry Events
  • Overcoming Adversity Events
  • Healing & Restorative Events
  • Incarcerated Women's Events
  • Family Services Events

We were delighted to have Jessica Janniere; she has a compelling life story of transformation, healing, and hope that will appeal to people from all walks of life. I commend her to any group that is looking for a powerful speaker for your church, conference, school program, youth event, or any other gathering where motivating attendees to think and live beyond their difficulties is a priority.

Pastor Stephen Samuel
Westbury Gospel Tabernacle

Equipped To Thrive…

No Matter The Adversity

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