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Focus: Professional Development
Available in Keynote (60 minutes) or up to half-day (4 hour) trainings/workshops. 30 min. Q&A Session available

Nationally Recognized Youth Workforce Professional Development Presentation


The H.E.A.R.T Experience 

Jessica with a conference attendee

Hopeful. Engaged. Authentic. Resilient. Transformed.

Have the youth whom you serve built walls around their hearts due to the pain and trauma that they’ve endured? 

Everyone communicates, but few connect. 

It's no secret that many individuals and families feel like they are treading water in a deep sea of stress and anxiety due to the trauma they have experienced. With depression and other mental health challenges on the rise, it is more important now than ever before to help them develop the coping skills to overcome life’s toughest challenges, build a healthy self-image, and move past the mistakes and misfortunes of their past, without leaving you feeling overwhelmed. 

Utilizing SAMHSA's (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) six key principles of a trauma-informed approach and trauma-specific interventions, this engaging presentation facilitates healing by examining and addressing the mental, emotional and physical consequences of trauma, in addition to teaching the trauma-informed care strategies that will enable you to communicate and connect with youth at the heart level.


  • Attendees will learn how to effectively communicate with youth who are dealing with trauma, so they can reach their heart, build trust and ignite their voice and power
  • Attendees will know how to connect with and empower youth today to become more resilient regardless of economic and cultural barriers that may exist between them
  • Attendees will be able to identify and create an interdisciplinary approach, through the power of community, that fosters growth and healing and gives youth in their care hope for a brighter future
  • Attendees will learn practical and fun strategies to engage youth in the workplace that foster leadership development, vision, and purpose

Program Testimonials

My organization, California Workforce Association, has partnered with Jessica Janniere of Look Up and Beyond Inc twice and I've witnessed her incredible ability to not only communicate and teach but her ability to connect with diverse audiences. She is a powerful, strategic and transparent speaker/facilitator that genuinely cares about the people she serves. Recently Jessica trained dozens of professionals at our Youth Workforce Professionals training event. Her Triad of Resilience model was well received and her ability to keep attendees engaged, virtually, was impressive and impactful. I highly recommend her to other organizations, especially those serving youth, including youth that are under-served and facing great obstacles/adversity.

Bob Lanter
Executive Director

Jessica is an extremely engaging presenter both in person and virtually, which can be difficult to do. The training she provided to youth development workers in Tompkins County was highly responsive to the current challenges facing professionals and the youth they serve; isolation, collective trauma, and general fatigue/burnout. She combines her powerful personal story with practical strategies that are relevant to our virtual environment. She is also conscientious, detail oriented, and easy to coordinate workshops with, we look forward to working with her again in the future!

Bridgette Nugent
Deputy Director of Tompkins County Youth Services Department

Jessica’s Tompkins County professional development event/training was no less than incredibly inspirational. I’ve attended several of Jessica’s events in the past and they always leave me wanting more. Each time I learn, and I grow. The personal experiences she shares makes for an extremely powerful program. Both of her books are a must read! Everyone needs to know Jessica- and once you do, you will admire her and respect her, as I do.

Amy J. Riotto

Jessica is a very engaging and passionate speaker. I really enjoyed how much she encouraged us to think and reflect.  

Workshop Attendee

I really appreciated the training. I've been to 100s of hours of trainings, so it is always refreshing to be at a dynamic, inspiring one!

Beth Bannister
Joint Youth Commission Program Educator

Jessica was real, a fantastic presenter. I appreciated the friendliness and charisma of the speaker and her attempts to engage all in the training.

Workshop Attendee

Equipped To Thrive…

No Matter The Adversity

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