Equipped To Thrive, No Matter The Adversity

If you are committed to overcoming the pain of your past and current circumstances to live a fulfilling, purpose-driven life, you are in the right place! This award-winning personal development organization and global movement has been inspiring and empowering people for years to live on the other side of adversity.

Jessica Janniere, Founder of the award winning personal development organization, Look Up and Beyond Inc., is committed to helping people overcome the pain of their past and current circumstances to live purpose-driven and fulfilling lives. By providing the specific tools needed to look up and beyond the adversity they’ve faced, along with hope from her own unique story, Jessica has inspired and transformed countless lives via workshops, conferences, keynote presentations and coaching programs.

Look Up & Beyond Student Programs

Look Up and Beyond Programs were created and designed to help students thrive in the midst of adversity. Through fun, heart-felt and interactive keynotes, workshops, and full/half day trainings, students learn winning habits, develop strategies for overcoming mental and emotional hurdles, and are provided with valuable resources that enable them to cast a new vision and “look up and beyond” to the future with anticipation instead of anxiety.

Professional Development

If you want to maximize your leadership and help your organization reach its potential, you need to develop leaders. There is no other way to experience explosive growth. At Look Up and Beyond Inc. we specialize in lifting growth-driven people and organizations higher in purpose, excellence, and action. We utilize a trauma-informed approach, when applicable, to create spaces where leaders can heal, grow and thrive beyond the traumas and adversities of life.

Beyond Success: Live Your Purpose Coaching

Beyond Success: Live Your Purpose is a 7-week intimate coaching experience designed specifically for professionals, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and purpose-driven leaders who seek an intersection of personal development, emotional intelligence, and faith to achieve lasting results and experience fulfillment.

Work With Jessica

As a highly sought-after keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant and coach, Jessica Janniere is skilled in working with diverse groups in a variety of sizes and settings.

As the Founder of Look Up and Beyond, Jessica focuses on empowering people and equipping them with tools/resources to bring awareness to their true potential and the ability to move beyond any adversity / obstacle.

* Look Up and Beyond Inc. is a for-profit company that invests a portion of its profits into nonprofit and community based organizations. 


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